What is the Dunes Volleyball Club?

Dunes Volleyball Club is a non-profit organization founded to improve youth volleyball players. Dunes Volleyball Club has established itself as a strong junior volleyball club. To maintain this reputation we will need continued hard work and innovation from athletes, coaches, parents and friends of the program. Athletes are expected to be committed to their team. 

What is the difference between Elite and Local teams?

Elite Teams

The Elite travel season is established to cater to the athlete that wants to train, develop and play a committed season with athletes around them that share these similar goals. They practice 2 days during week with their team, with an additional practice or tournament on the weekend, and also train in a position specific training environment once a week. Coaches at this level take their commitment very seriously and players at this level are expected to as well.

The Elite travel teams sets their goal to attend AAU Nationals

Local Teams

Local teams are for athletes that are not ready to make a 6 month commitment to volleyball, and often play other sports that keep them from this commitment. We offer two local seasons, January – March and April – May. Players may sign up for both sessions. Local teams will practice once during the week and then either practice or play on Sunday. They will participate in 5 Sunday play dates. After tryouts girls will be placed onto teams and those teams will begin practicing the first week in January. 
We do not make cuts in our program and do our best to place friends on the same teams at the local level.

2021 Dunes Participation Fees

Participation fees include your Dunes jersey, all practices, Dunes Power League tournaments (approximately 5), club’s insurance, coaching expenses, gym rental fees, and custodial fees.

Participation fees do not cover fees for those teams who decide to enter out of town tournaments. Many teams try to fund raise any additional fees.

When and where do you practice?

Dunes teams practice in the Dunes Events Center, Teams’ practices are scheduled so teams practice at one location.  Players can request to be on teams at one location or another. Most practices range from 90 minutes to 2 hours. The times are set by are access to gyms.  Weekday practices range from 5:15pm to 9:15pm.

Who does your daughter play?

We play teams within our club and other volleyball clubs.  We will play in a tournament like situation and play several matches in a day on Sunday. Later on in the season some teams may look to go to out of town weekend tournaments.

Who can participate? 

Girls from 1st grade through 12th grade participates in a variety of age groups. Last year, we had 70 teams playing in 8 age groups.

What if a Club activity conflicts with a school activity?

We feel that school activities should come first. For instance, there is no penalty for missing a practice for a track meet.  However, a player that gets out of track then attends her volleyball practice will get much more out of the program than one that doesn’t practice at all.  The higher the level of play an athlete wishes to achieve is directly related to the dedication, effort and commitment that athlete makes to the program.

Players leaving the program are not entitled to any form of refund.


Send an e-mail to Rick Ashmore, rashmore@dunes.org

Your tryout fee may be mailed to:

Dunes Volleyball Club

P.O. Box 684

Michigan City, IN 46361