Elite Rosters

 2024 Dunes Volleyball Club National Teams

We reserve the right to move players from one team to another

Teams Coach
Dunes 18 Black Jordan Staus
Dunes 17 Black Natalie Siebenmark
Dunes 17 Teal Jake Wade
Dunes 16 Black Nick Polite
Dunes 16 Teal Rick Ashmore
Dunes 16 White Jake Skelly
Dunes 16 Gray
Dunes 15 Black Hannah Marchand
Dunes 15 teal Duane Joyner
Dunes 15 White Sarah Ward
Dunes 14 Black Rick Ashmore
Dunes 14 Teal Missy Woodham
Dunes 14 White
Dunes 13 Black Kelly Losinski
Dunes 13 Teal Shauna Pajor
Dunes 13 White. .
Dunes 12 Black Jan Fitzpatrick
Dunes 12 Teal Amy Losinski


2024 Dunes Volleyball Club Semi-Travel Teams

Teams Coach
DVC Elite 16 Blue
DVC Elite 15 Blue
DVC Elite 14 Blue
DVC Elite 14 Red
DVC Elite !3 Blue
DVC Elite 13 Red
DVC Elite 12 Blue
DVC Elite 11 Blue