Larry Sheagley

Coach Larry Sheagley has been coaching at the middle school, freshman, and junior varsity level for
almost forty years.  During that time he has also been a varsity assistant.

He is currently coaching eighth grade at Kesling Middle School.

He coached at LaPorte High School for 25 years, Marquette for 11 years and
New Prairie for three years.  As varsity assistant at Marquette he won six
state championships and one runner up.

Coach Sheagley has coached at the Dunes Volleyball Club for 26 years. He has
coached 13 Teal, 14 Teal, 14 White and 15 White during that time.

Larry has been been married to his wife, Nelda Sheagley, for 48
years.  They have two daughters and three granddaughters.

Coach Sheagley retired from teaching at LaPorte High School in 2011 after
38 years.  He still manages to keep busy with coaching, volunteer work and